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Matthew 16:18 And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

As the Church takes a respective look at 2016, we feel just like the children of Israel when having crossed the red sea. Looking back, they saw their adversary, their enemy and their constant tormentor, being gradually immersed in the water; same water that acted as a solid wall suddenly turned to a dead trap. Hallelujah. We had many confrontations and terrible storms last year 2016 but, indeed, the words of our Lord and Savior was our anchor; our brethren living in the northern part of Nigeria were severely tested to say the least, the enemy brought their weapons of death into the place of worship and many were gunned down for no just cause save they serve the living God, In the United States of America it was no different as the enemy use a young man as instrument to strike the church of worshipers were gunned down. In 2016, but we take solace in the word of God and draw strength therefrom. Matthew 10:28, "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell".

Many were displaced from their dwelling places and had to take shelter in bushes and find hiding places in the cover of the night. Their crime? being we confess Jesus as our lord and Savior. Severe was the persecution and great was the turmoil. The faith of the little ones was so much, but for the comfort of the Spirit/Glory to His name otir confession remained solid. We were enabled by the Holy spirit to say like Shadrack Meshack and Abednego that Daniel 3:17, "If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king".

Like in the days of old, when King Herod stretched out his hands against the church of God, but God's hands were further and stronger than he could imagined. we too, are comforted in the power and might of our God. There are seasons when the children of God wait to hear from God, there are also times all they do is to petition and supplicate, to intercede and to entreat. This last December we petition our most high God-to hear us and rekindled His love in our hearts, in a world where we are being persecuted and hunted down like half humans. Thus, the church of God cries out and wait for our Salvation looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith our situation can be surmised by King David's words, 'am for peace, but when I speak they are for war'.
In the year 2017 we shall continue with our message, we shall preach it in all nooks and crannies, we shall continue to tell the world about the God of peace and love in the presence of hostile opponent who are ever ready to take our life for it if need be We shall continue the good news of how Jesus reconciled us to God through a painful and a shameful death on the cross. We shall never cease to proclaim this good news for it is our mandate and like the children of the Hebrew the more thepersecute them the more they multiply. We shall take the gospel to the world yonder. We shall carry out the mandate of our savior go ye into the world and preach the gospel whosoever believes shall have eternal life. His lasts injunction before Ascension is still burning like fire in our bones, "Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature," For the just shall live by Faith, we therefore, declare that this year, 2017 IS OUR YEAR TO TRIUMPH.


What is a curse?  A Curse is issued through pronouncement, invocation incantation and recitation. Sometimes when carrying out this action a particular position is face, a certain hours are chosen and certain clothes are worn. It could be carried out by a third party on the on behalf of another. There are spirits so faithful as to carry out the intentions of the sender to an intended recipient be it a person, business or just relationship. The evil spirit like guided missiles goes out looking for the intended victim locally or internationally, curses can find any one in any country state or community. They can then kill, destroy, spoil, stunt and retard, bring shame and embarrassment.

 The first we heard of a curse was when it was pronounced by Almighty God against a creature, the serpent. See Genesis3:14 and the second curse was informed by a man’s shedding of another’s blood even his own brother. See Genesis4:11.
The first person to utter a curse in the bible was Noah against his son, Ham who, instead of covering his father’s naked body after a drunken binge derided him. See Genesis9:25.

 Christians are never encouraged from the biblical point of view to curse. See Exodus21:17, leveticus19:14.James3:8-9
However, our joy and relief is that curses can be broken and indeed all curses have been broken aforetime, for all who come to embrace the lord Jesus Christ.

DOORWAYS: Doorway is the spiritual vulnerability that a curse can take in order to carry out its missions. An effective doorway is sin, transgression, paying evil for good and the shedding of innocent blood.

Relational curse: This kind of curse is pronounced by those who have relational authority over us like father mother e.g. see Genesis49:3-4.

Self inflicted curse: certain transgression activates a curse that have been place on whomsoever shall break a law. See Ecclesiastes10:8. Again those who want to live long must do well to remember to honor their parents for a law have already been place on those who will not do this. See the book of Ephesians6:1-3, proverbs17:13 joshua6:26.
Generational or enduring curse: this is a curse that can wreck havoc on entire generation. It remains in the household carrying out its mission no matter how long until it is broken it remains. It is like a unitary punishment; individual sins, but all pays the price. There are equally many reasons that bring about this kind of curse on a family: when a man sheds much blood for ritual or protection the visitation or repercussion comes on his generation.

 Joab, one of King David’s Hench men brought a curse upon his household when he shed the blood of another. This so angered David that he pronounced a curse on Joab family. See 2samuel3:28-31 Acts23:12.
Self impose curse: Rachael, the mother of the twins Esau and Jacob impose a curse on herself when she was trying to persuade her beloved son Jacob, to carry out her wish to deceive his father into giving him the blessing he intended to give his brother, Esau. See Genesis27:13.

REMEDY TO A CURSE: The deliverance from a curse is very simply if you know how. It is simply because the price for all curses present and future has already been paid. It is like medicine to cure an ailment: it will not only cure the preset patient, but also cure anyone who shall suffer from the ailment in the future.

The first step is to align your life with the finish work that Jesus did on the cross. There he paid the price for all curse by being a cursed person on the cross thereby taking the place of any one that is cursed and ready to accept Him as lord and savior.Act16:31. This belief has to do with accepting him as your lord and savior, confessing your sins and asking him to come into your heart see Revelation3:20.

When you do this you are spiritually ‘BOUGHT’ over to become a child of God .see john1:12-14 Mark10:45 1timothy2:6.
You are now a member of a new family and all curses associated with you in your old household and the debts are included in the ransom paid on your behalf.  See 1peter2:9 Galatians3:13.
For further information or question bothering on your spiritual life, do not hesitate to contact us.

‘Problem is like a two way junction: it either sinks you or catapults you’........-Pastor Godwin Guobadia.

Six formulas for problems solving.

Basically, there are three factors or ways through problems threatens our happiness and peace of mind. They are:

1. EXTERNAL FACTORS: When events and circumstance beyond your control threatens to pull you down and throw a spanner on all your plans. This could be as a result of political climate or edict or newly passed laws. Accident also belongs to this category. The birth of Jesus Christ in a manger was not out of choice, but, rather the edict that was made in those days.

2. PERSONAL FACTORS: Mostly this has to do with decisions we made, the choices.

3. SPIRITUAL FACTORS: These are forces that are not visible to the human eyes influencing our life tele- guiding us. An example is a curse manifesting in our life due to what our forefathers did or what we did. Curse is placed by humans, employing the services of a medium or by INCANTATION OR INVOCATION from their own mouth. Their purpose is to cause great suffering and pain, [the opposite of a curse is Blessing] both can have effect on our lives. Here are the ways for solutions:  

      • Have a mindset that all problems are building blocks and stepping stones when properly handled. Problems can either mare you or make you. Being positive that good will come out of it will give you the emotional balance needed, to think clearly and be open to all possibilities(John:11:4)

      • Reaction and perception matters a lot. One do not see things the way they are, but the way we are(1Corinthias:10:13,Isaiah:4:9)

      • Prayer. This is indeed the first thing to do. I must say, that one should never underestimate the power and efficacy in prayer. Prayer can literally stop the mouth of lions, completely wallop your enemies. It creates the conductive atmosphere for your victory to happen. It softens the heart of stones and gives strength to the weakling. It opens doors that have never been open; it destroys fetters and gates of hindrance to our divine destiny.

      • Courage. This is the strength of the inner man. If you are weak from the inside how weak you will be indeed! Not until you are strong on the inside, you will never win the battle on the outside.

      • Have need for patience. You cannot take in seed today and expect to give birth today; you cannot run immediately you are born, you have to learn to sit before learning to run. Life expects us to be patience otherwise we shall run into a brick wall and become stuck. Always believe, that this, too, shall come to pass.(Isaiah40:1.Hebrews6:15)

      • Curses identified. Until curses are identified and broken they have a tendency wreck havoc and even untimely death. Curses manifest in various ways: struggling to make ends despite having a well paying job, sibling's enmity, lack of visible progress, lack of favor, dishonor, inability to settle in marital home, criminal mindedness. Thank God for Jesus Christ that He PAID THE PRICE. Anyone can enjoy this blessing by appropriating this to his life through confessing Him as Lord and Savior. (phililpians2:10,Galatians3:13-14) It is that simply ,no wonder we call it Good news
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